Fortnite Skull Squad Pack (Ps4)


Rise from the crypt and creep on the unsuspecting with this bone chilling Skeleteam! Rattle your bones with the Skull Squad pack! Includes the following cosmetics:

– Fishskull Outfit

– Bait Bones Pickaxe

– Skull Squad Leader Outfit

– Cuddly Bones Back Bling

– Bone Boss Outfit

– Creep Fried Back Bling

– Beef Bone Pickaxe

– Bone Ravage Outfit

– Bone Wings Back Bling

– Skelly Sailer Glider

– Bony Wrap

Note: Gliders & Contrails may not be used in Save the World mode.

Psn Wallet Codes Will Provided To Buyer To Buy Pack
– Delivery Time Within 0-12 hours.

Fortnite Skull Squad Pack (Ps4)